Users creation page

This is the page on which you can create or import users from csv files or LDAP

Import user from csv

This button enables you to import users from a csv file that you can choose from your pc and will be read by IDEAS;In order to enable IDEAS to read your file, you'll have to respect rules about how to write the infos about users : The corrext order should be -- firstname,lastname,mail,companyname,password,group,type (student, teacher or session manager)

Import users from LDAP

This will allow you to search for a user already existing in the LDAP's database in order to add it to IDEAS

Crreating a user from scratch

In order to create a use without csv or LDAP, you will have to fill this form with infos about the user, although, this method only enables you to create one user at a time


Once you're done, press validate to finish importing users or cancel to cancel what you did