Session's page

This is the page you can see when you click on a specific session

General informations

Here, you can see a lot of informations about the session

Prerequisite courses

Courses that students have to study in order to get the sessions to be completed

Group's informations

Here, you can see the group's number, followed by the status of the projects approval

Courses participation

Participation to the prerequisite courses from the users of the group

Projects section

This is the section of the page where you can see the projects that are available for the session, you can create a new subject proposal by typing its name in the searchbar named "new subject proposal", also, if you are part of the group, you can choose to choose to assign a project to your group by pressing "choose as group project" if it has been approved by a teacher, otherwise you won't be able to click it

Invite team mate

By clicking on this "invite teammate" button, a new window will open, asking you to choose the skill level you would want to have as well as the skill itself in order to give you a list of users that could be available for what you want to do, then, you can invite these users and it will send them an e-mail to join you in your project !!